Sunday Afternoons (let’s go to the beach)

Sunday afternoons
Creep upon us like the delayed realization of the blessing of breathing
Having a mouth that can stretch out a smile like clouds unveiling the sun

Let’s go to the beach
And laugh, pray, take pictures, philophize and all that makes being human great

Let’s go to the beach
Dip our toes in the sand like it’s the first time
And remember the first time
You tried to outrun a tide and fell into what didn’t seem so bad

Let’s go to the beach
Capture the sunset on the horizon
And the sea waves singing softly in the background
The sensation of sand grains each curling into the creased parts of your feet
And finding a temporary abode there

Let’s go to the beach
And be human beings
Be free, be just another stranger to the passer-byers and smile
Smile because together there was a shared yearning to be there
To be alive

The ocean reminds us that there is a vast array of things we do not know
That this place we’ve called our home
Is moving, orbiting and drawing closer and closer
We are drawing closer and closer
To the end of time
But for now,
It’s Sunday afternoon
And time has kicked off her running shoes
Let’s go the beach



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