Love is no single high note


Oh, how we get excited when we we’re in love… 
The sky never looks grey, 
Instead we gaze upon shades of clouds dipped in silver linings 
The symphony of a dove rings harmoniously, gently welcoming you into each day 
Music is the next best thing to breathing 
You hear it in everything that God puts in motion 
Nothing can wipe the smile off your face

Oh, how we get excited when we we’re in love… 
Engulfed by the euphoria of having someone to have, and to hold 
Envisioning your future and aroused with the idea of it becoming a blissful reality 
Realising that you want to tell the whole world 
About the one who makes your knees weak 

Oh, how we get excited when we we’re in love… 
Floating on the freeing sensation of joy 
Of childhood dreams, clutching the hand of the one you call your other half 
How their hair always looks so perfect 
Just as effortlessly as the way they put a curve to your lips 
Love makes you blink at faults, embracing them 
Only enough as to say,
We’ll work through them together 
Love will remain through the ugliness 
It will stay firm on days when the music stops
For eventually, 
Silence will impose itself upon you 
As unsaid words seep out like air through the back tire of a car 
There will be days 
When starting a conversation will feel like a Monday morning 
Those hands you once held like a trophy 
Will feel ominously cold 
But love,

Love remains constant
Through the winter
Like bare trees
Miraculously bear leaves and fruit
When the sunbeams illuminate God’s grandeur on the earth
Love is no single high note…
Like all good things,
It takes time
It requires patience
But when it’s sealed in unwavering commitment
Becomes a sweet symphony
To be sung throughout your generations