False Hero

Every human being is in need

In want

Of something and someone

To touch them

And soothe away the scars

Like wax melting

Changing its forms

We all want to be reformed

But, you can’t be anyone’s hero

No one can be your hero

We all need rescuing

The peace which you seek

Is confined in the heart which you’ve hid

It must be allowed to rule that castle

Where your feelings freely flow

Like the Nile

With so many victories and tragedies running through

No human being can be your hero

For we are all in need

And in want of being saved

And this is no bad news…

For it means you don’t have to try so hard

To make them love you

Make them appreciate you

Make their troubles fade

Your attempts are only as fig leaves

Insufficiently providing a fix

We all need to be fixed

We all need to surrender

To the need of beings someone’s hero

I faced up to the reality

I can’t make the hurt go away

I never had the power to

I’m sorry for trying to be your hero

And even more sorry

For trying to make a hero

Out of you…

3 thoughts on “False Hero

  1. A positive and beautiful poem. I agree with your words. If we led by kindness and love. This world would be a better place. Thank you for sharing the excellent poetry.

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