Pleasure or Pain. (Martyrdom Poem)

Whips and chains

Fuel and flames

Men and women died for baring the cross’s shame

Killed, slaughtered

Persistent, pro-longed pain

Still they stood firm and never caved

Those days

When being a Christian was like signing up to be a dead man walking

Persecuted simply for talking and professing,


Christianity is not for the faint…

Fun and fantasy

Alcohol and ecstasy

Fast food and fast sex

Nothing has changed

Except these days

We are inflicted with pleasure

Rather than pain

Promises of riches beyond what our forefathers could endeavour

Who wants to be a millionaire?

When there’s over a million in want, in need

Poverty is a result of our own human greed

They once used pain to try and tame

Believers and disciples of the Ancient of days


The enemy remains the same

Yet his tactics of control have changed

Will men and women die to bare the cross’s shame?

Die to self

Trust and obey

The One who commanded His children to abstain

From the lust of the flesh

In a world that revolves around lust and flesh

Will you live to please yourself

Or put your appetite to death?

Our appetite for sin

Is impossible to overcome without the help of Him

Who was whipped and shamed

So we could be pure through His undefiled blood

Pleasure or pain…

Whatever the threat

Your freedom of choice remains.


Alabaster Poem

A spoken-word piece I had the opportunity to perform at a Christian society showcase at the University of Kent. This was inspired by the story in the Bible found in Luke 7:36-50, Mary’s Alabaster box. This story touches me each time I read and reflect on it as it is a reminder of our Saviours Love, and His power to pardon our sins and cleanse us of our unrighteousness. This passage in scripture concludes with Jesus making the statement: “Your faith has saved you. Go in peace.” – Luke 7:50. The woman believed that the only true peace which she could receive was that which comes from Jesus. She had faith that He was different, and through this we learn how His divine powers were more than the outward miracles He performed, but that Jesus heals from within!

Hope you’re blessed!





All besides her bitter sweet memories,

Tear stained cheeks,

Pain was written on her face

Disgrace was her middle name

The floor in her room echoed volumes of regret

If she had known, she could of prevented it all from happening

But, blue were her days, with no sun rays

Just awkward silences

Deadly, not golden.

There she stood with hope tugging at the edge of her dress

Like a desperate child

She heeded His Spirit as He called her

Deprived of Love

Like a starved child

She had scars, more shuddering than any war hero, she was no war hero

But she bore deep wounds from daily battles

Rejected and unappreciated

She was a figure of yesterdays no one wants to recall

Her feet trod as if they apologized that she was even living or breathing at all

Hair running down the side of her face veiled her beauty

Then she realized there was a King who knew the very number of them

So she took all she had to give to Him

Naked, she brought nothing but a body clothed with sin and a box of Alabaster

Representing the worth that she wished she had.

Knowing she was unworthy to be called His

Still to Him she humbly did give

To Him all she had, she did give.